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Dr. John LoMonaco attended Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, and completed his 9 years of postgraduate training there as well. He trained at major hospitals in the Texas Medical Center, including Memorial-Hermann Hospital and M.D. Anderson Cancer Institute. During his training, he conducted laboratory research for two years at the Medical School studying tissue healing and helping develop skin substitutes for burn victims.

Dr. LoMonaco graduated from a rigorous residency in general surgery, and received board certification by the American Board of Surgery. He then went on to complete an accredited fellowship in plastic surgery, and received board certification in Plastic Surgery during his first year of practice. During his formal training, Dr. LoMonaco participated in over 5,000 surgical procedures.


- You Can Safely Combine Surgeries

- There Is A New Device to control pain

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� Short Scar Breast Lift

� Short Scar Brest Reduction

� Breast Augmentation

� Tummy Tuck

� Thigh Lift

� Arm Lift

� Restylane Injections

� Botox Injections

� Medically Supervised Skin Care